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Stop Repossessions in Salinas CA by trucks like this

You must understand your rights and responsibilities as a vehicle owner. If your car is in danger of being repossessed or has recently been repossessed, our office can help you to either avoid this from happening or arrange to have your vehicle returned to you.  However, you must act quickly before the vehicle is sold to someone else.

Many people think that it isn’t a big problem if they are a month late on a car payment. Unfortunately, your lender can legally repossess your vehicle if you are even a single day late. Thus, you need to communicate any financial problems you have with your lender as soon as they arise.

Many lenders will try to bully consumers into making their payments. They may tell you that they will repossess your vehicle if you don’t make your payment. They won’t tell you what you can do to stop repossessions..

You may be able to keep your vehicle and stop repossession in Salinas by filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. If you have sufficient income to make your future car payments and just need additional time to get caught up on your payments, we can help you keep your car and may even be able to reduce the amount owed and the interest rate charged.

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The Law Office of Stephen H. Kim will help you stave off creditors and do everything we can to keep them from repossessing your vehicle. We will help you decide whether or not you need a Bankruptcy Lawyer to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy or to stop repossession in Salinas.


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