Stop Wage Garnishment in Salinas

Stephen H. Kim can help stop wage garnishment in Salinas CACreditors have a number of options to compel people to make due on their financial commitments. One of the most common approaches they use is garnishing the wages of the debtor. Once a court has granted the creditor authority to garnish your wages, your employer will be required to withhold some of your income and set it aside for your creditors.

This can create an undue hardship for many people. Many people assume that they can’t do anything to stop wage garnishments in Salinas once a court has ruled against them. They may feel powerless to take back control of their income, even if they are struggling to pay their rent or provide for their families. Fortunately, the offices of Stephen Kim and our Bankruptcy Attorneys understand that you still have some options at your disposal.

Stop Wage Garnishment in Salinas By Filing Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy will usually force creditors to stop garnishing your wages. A stay is placed on all outstanding debts when your bankruptcy case is active.  Then either the underlying debt is eliminated, or you will be able to repay a portion of the debt back at more reasonable terms without incurring additional interest or penalties

The law office of Stephen H. Kim can help you stop worrying about your income being withheld for your creditors. We can even make an emergency filing if you need your creditors to stop garnishing your wages immediately. This may be necessary when garnished wages are creating an undue hardship for you.

Consult With Us Today on How to Stop Wage Garnishment in Salinas CA

Most debts are dischargeable through a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing. If Chapter 7 is not an option we can consider filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy to stop the garnishment.

At the Law Offices of Stephen H. Kim, we understand how painful wage garnishments can be for people. We are committed to both helping stop wage garnishments and resolving your debts.  If you need a fresh start we are here to help.


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